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Nan Cohen has a firm grasp of the realities of the divorce process and is an outstanding resource for any individual going through a divorce. She has a unique ability to connect with individuals who are considering divorce or who are going through this difficult process. She is able help any individual navigate through the various complexities associated with the divorce proceedings.

Nan's expertise is most evident is her ability to "fill in the gaps" and answer many questions that attorneys just do not have the time to answer for their clients. Nan's caring and pragmatic approach is a benefit to anyone who utilizes her services.

Mark Saunders

When my divorce proceedings first began, I was scared out of my mind. Simply put, I was a "basket case." I was afraid I would lose my children, my business, my house and my money. Talking to Nan early on in this process -- and it definitely is a process -- gave me a unique perspective that I may not have gotten other wise. Nan has the ability to listen carefully, separate "the wheat from the chaff" and steer one toward certain individuals and actions that are both helpful and practical. Her years of experience in dealing with many aspects of divorce enable her to not only recommend people who can help in this often difficult and painful process, but she can also help one navigate the minefield of complexity associated with divorce; in areas such as legal, financial, custodial, real estate, emotional, etc.

Signed, Divorced and Still Standing in Pittsburgh

I have known Nan for over 5 years and she has been nothing but supportive throughout my divorce process. She has given me solid advice and often posed questions to me that I hadn't considered myself, knowing that they were things that I would have to consider for myself and my children. She is often a voice of reason, keeping it real for me when I need an objective voice and always telling it to me straight, even if it was difficult for me to hear. I trust and value her opinion and her friendship.


Going through a divorce is hard enough for everyone. Nan and her experience with divorce and advice helped me get through this rough time. No one could ask for more than Nan. Thanks for your advice and support!

Beth Y.

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Nan Cohen's first book! Nan Cohen, Pittsburgh’s long-running radio host of “Dealing with Divorce”, has recently penned a new book called Dealing With Divorce: A Reality Revealed.

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