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Divorce Expert Nan Cohen brings her team of experts to timely discussions to inform her audience on topics for navigating life. Whether working one-on-one with those facing decisions around separation and possible divorce or collaboration with her team, Nan points out how the day-to-day and big picture realities affect those separating and working through divorce, including families with children.

Dealing with Divorce is Nan Cohen's long-running Pittsburgh-based radio show. Here, her valued experts join her to discuss divorce and all of its related issues. "Nan on Divorce" is now recognized as the go to person on divorce. While she does not promote divorce, Nan does promote understanding all of the complexities of divorce: from custody to alimony, child support to financial settlements, parenting skills, dating, and remarriage. On KDKA 1020AM and KQV 1410 AM  in Pittsburgh, Nan’s shows are also heard streaming on pittsburgh.cbslocal.com and www.kqv.com.

In addition to DEALING WITH DIVORCE, Nan has hosted these popular half-hour shows:

    About emotional and physical well-being.
    Dealing with high end home improvements.
    A show featuring local businesses which can improve your life.

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Divorce Coaching

Pittsburgh-based Divorce Expert Nan Cohen offers personalized coaching for dealing with the realities of separation and divorce. While the eventual legal process of divorce requires a lawyer, there are many aspects of this major personal transition for which a divorce coach can assist. No one needs to deal with divorce on their own. All protocols regarding privacy are followed strictly.

Nan provides an initial consultation during which goals and concerns are discussed. Then meetings are scheduled to provide personal and thoughtful guidance for each phase of the separation and divorce process. Nan’s team of experts assures her clients of a comprehensive approach and the availability of those who can assist with other personal, professional and family challenges.

Public Speaking

In addition to her own workshops and author events, Nan Cohen is seen and heard off the air in community events and appearances as a speaker, guest host, auctioneer, or moderator. Please complete Nan’s contact form or email to inquire about speaking programs. Please include the nature of the event, the date, the audience, and whether the event is for charity.


Nan’s divorce reality workshops are designed to motivate participants to face their unique separation and divorce situation. Programs provide tools for identifying personal challenges and what’s needed to get to the next steps in the process and life.

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A divorce coach:

  • Is a professional who brings broad knowledge and experience to assist you in managing the many personal challenges that may arise during a divorce.

  • Assists you in understanding your options and making informed decisions regarding parenting, lifestyle, and social situations.

  • Provides a sounding board to expose and discuss the gamut of emotions that arise during divorce such as fear, anger, guilt, and frustration.

  • Supports you in finding the balance between divorce and moving forward with your life.

  • Helps you with parenting and custody questions

  • Is a personal database of resources and professionals who deal with every aspect of divorce. Your coach is able to refer you to experts on advice on important areas of your life.

  • Is there to suggest tools for understanding working through your emotions

  • Can help you formulate your goals and visualize your dreams.

Divorce Reality Expert
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