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Divorce Expert NAN COHEN considered marriage a lifetime commitment. Her new reality began abruptly when she returned from a family vacation to her husband’s demand for a divorce. It was the early 1990’s and she was the mother of a 14-month-old daughter. While her world was turned upside down, her husband—armed knowledge from his prior divorce—accessed and emptied all bank accounts and closed credit cards, leaving her without even cash for a new car seat for their growing toddler.

Nan learned the realities of divorce by experiencing it—a long and bitter divorce, joint custody, social stigma, and emotional turmoil. Through it all, she gained empowerment by being there for others experiencing divorce. By the time her second husband said, “Nan, you should become a divorce therapist,” Nan recognized a niche. Surrounding herself with a panel of superb lawyers, accountants, certified divorce financial analysts, marriage counselors, and even judges, Nan has created a forum in which to explore the myriad of aspects of divorce.

Finding her voice as a quick-witted, practical and non-nonsense resource, Nan hosts DEALING WITH DIVORCE, on the air since 2004. This radio show is heard on Pittsburghs KDKA 1020AM and KQV 1410 AM. Her valued experts join her to discuss divorce and all of its related issues.

“Nan on Divorce” is now recognized as the go to person on divorce.

While she does not promote divorce, Nan does promote understanding all of the complexities of divorce: from custody to alimony, child support to financial settlements, parenting skills and even remarriage.

Emphatically, Nan encourages everyone dealing with divorce to do what is best for the involved children.

Nan began her radio career with a local show about “plastic surgery”—a slightly less controversial subject than divorce. However, Nan is not shy about pushing the bounds of traditional talk radio. She been a contributor on KDKA-TV on “Pittsburgh Today Live”, and The Huffington Post Live, and is a frequent guest expert in programs and media stories about divorce.

Nan's 14 month-old daughter is now 26 and works as a marketing coordinator. Her 17 year old daughter with her second husband is a senior in high school and plans to attend college.

Nan Cohen is recognized as the go-to person on separation and divorce. On the air with “Dealing with Divorce” since 2004, Nan brings her practical, reality-based perspective to audiences and individuals seeking direction on navigating through divorce.

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Nan Cohen's first book! Nan Cohen, Pittsburgh’s long-running radio host of “Dealing with Divorce”, has recently penned a new book called Dealing With Divorce: A Reality Revealed.

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